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Coron Daily Island Hopping Tours
The Practical Way to Explore Calamianes Islands

In Support of Conservation, Communities & Sustainable Tourism

This is the most practical and the cheapest way to explore Coron and the nearby islands of Busuanga, Culion and Linapacan.

Our daily tour program is a new tourism product developed by Calamian Expeditions & EcoTours to cater to tourists who would like to join groups in order to share the high cost of renting boat for island hopping trips. With this, the value of your money is being realized and you can travel and explore further of our place. This budget tour program is not designed to affect other players of tourism in the locality but to provide option for low budget travelers and wanted to get acquainted with fellow travelers. If you are in a package tours with other travel agents and operators this tour is not for you. We, as local operator would like to avoid conflicts with our fellow agencies and we will not encourage you to book with us if you have prior engagements already. Our objective is to keep harmonious relationship with our community members.

With your local tour operator AL, born and raised in Coron and wife Mae who is from Puerto Princesa Palawan, we have established a tourism enterprise that promotes community based tourism. In this program we make sure that the local populace is highly involved to ensure that they have share in this tourism endeavor. Each day after you tour with us you have shared the direct benefits to seven (7) households. From ground handler, boat owner, boat captain, food preparer, tourguide, entrance fee recipients, we build a small industry that is culture and environment conscious.

Because this is a Budget Tour we provide the basic needs of our tourists. First, we make sure that we utilize boats that are certified licensed and accredited by MARITIME INDUSTRY AUTHORITY, which means that our boats passed the safety standards set by the authority. This follows that the boat has lifejackets, fire extinguishers, first aid kit, and the operator has the basic knowledge of handling a passenger/tourist boat. Second, we promote local delicacy prepared by our local caterer. We have basic utensils, chopping board, knife and cooler on board to make your drinks and fruits fresh and cold. Onboard we always place a clean and quarantined masks and snorkels. We can put kayaks upon request.

During the tour we encourage our guests to help us protect the environment and respect the rights of our indigenous people. Please help us save the remaining corals by not stepping on it or simply gathering shells from our beaches. Trash and garbage found in the shores or beaches is something we cannot control totally. This is a long struggle of our local government so please help us collect them and dispose properly. We have trash bins on board let our tour assistants help you. Our ultimate goal in our daily tour program is to ZERO "0" the use of non recyclable plastics.

On the other hand, there are guidelines set by the tagbanuas tribes when you enter their ancestral domains to ensure sustainable use of our tourism resources. By sharing your little efforts and cooperation you help us minimize our global environmental problems. It is our vision to achieve sustainable tourism in Calamianes.


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